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Programmable Logic Controller 

PLCs have the central control role in various fields.including manufacturing and public systems and in service fields.they can be used to construct optional small and large-scale systems.

Compact and Full of Functions!! High Performance SPE programming logic controller is packed with many useful functions in a compact body.

Compact Size.Two Programming languages.Large capacity memory.High Speed Procesing,many types of instructions.

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The most suitable for machine  control.High speed performance for shortening cycle time.Building a simple system in combination with ALPHA5 smart series.Equipped with high performance CPU.Various Interface:SD card,USB,RS422,RS485.No battery needed.Programming languages:IL language(Instruction List),ST language(Structured Text),LD Language(Ladder Diagram),FBD language(Function Block Diagram),SFC elements(Sequential Function Chart)based on the IEC1131-3 standards.

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Realizes High-Speed Machine Control:

I/O control with a program capacity of up to 256k steps and up to 8192 points enable suitable system configuaration ranging from small to large scale.1ms program scan and I/O  refresh are possible.Function and performance distribution are possible in multi-CPU system configuration with up to 8 CPUs.

Open network oriented:

Both the hardware and software conform to the IEC 61131 international standards for programmable controllers.Compatible with Ethernet,LON Works,Device Net,PROFIBUS-DP,AS-i,and other diverse open networks.

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