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Fuji electric's philosophy is to satisfy customers to the best of our ability by providing them with creative and competitive solutions and services that live up to and even exceed their expectations. We emphasize on research and development to accelerate the development of new processes and products, and are committed to manage this development in transparent way.



The Programmable displays in the TECHNOSHOT series are easy-to-see,and have bright TFT colour liquid crystal wide screens.A high-resolution display and high-speed response display give TECHNOSHOT panels a high power of expression.Display:7"/10.2",65536 TFT Color,LED Back Light.Interface:3 serial(RS232/RS422/RS485)/Optional Ethernet.

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MONITOUCH V9-Completing your automation needs

Compatible with mobile equipment,advanced use of information through networking,high-speed free-style drawing and improved operability thanks to new design architecture.We are confident that our new range will surpass your expectations.

V9 Lite Basic Model

Type : TFT, Size : 5.7",8.4",10.4" ,Resolution : VGA,Touch Switch : Analog Revsistive, Wired LAN I/F : 1 ch,Serial I/F : 2ch For 5.7" otherwise 3 ch.

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V9 Standard:(High Performance Model)

Type : TFT, Size : 8.4",10.4",12.1"&15", Resolution : SVGA, Touch Switch : Capacitive Type, Wired LAN I/F : 1 Ch, Serial I/F : 3 Ch, Audio out I/F : Provided.

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V9 Advanced:(High resolution widescreen LCD with wireless LAN)

Type : TFT, Size : 7"&10.1",Resolution : WSVGA, Touch Switch :Capacitive Type, Wireless LAN I/F :Provided, Wired LAN I/F : 1 ch for 7"&2 ch for 10.1", Serial I/F : 2 ch for 7"&"3 Ch for 10.1",Audio out I/F : Provided for 10.1"only .

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V9 Features

High-frequency 800 MHz CPU clock enables high-speed response and quick display.Scheduler.Compatible with SD cards.15 Kinds of functions are available for screen switching and overlapping.True type fonts have been added, and the new anti-aliasing function ensures clear expression.Scrolling Function.With the VNC server function,v9 can be accessed from a tablet PC running iOS or Android.Data can be transfered between devices through v9 as a gateway.Scaling Function.Screens can be enlarged in height and width depending on your needs.v9 is fully compatible with VPN,which ensures the security of your network environment.Since v9 Advanced is equipped with a router function,it is possible to control a PLC through v9 remotely via Ethernet.Operation data is transmitted from v9 in a production site to the cloud server at predetermined intervals.The data saved in the cloud server can be monitored without accessing each terminal.

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