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Temperature Controller

PXF Temperature Controller


  • Largest bright color LCD in the industry.
  • High speed sampling:50ms.
  • Fast processing:100ms.
  • Universal input.
  • The best-in-class compact: 58mm depth.
  • Multidrop master function(option) .

Advanced Control Functions

Parameter setting is available using the front keys or a PC with loader software.

Standard functions

  • On / Off control.
  • PID control with auto tuning.
  • Fuzzy control with auto tuning.
  • 2-degrees-of-freedom PID control with auto tuning.
  • Open-loop supported PID2 controlSelf tuning.
  • Ramp soak function (simple program control).

Optional Functions

  • Heating / Cooling control with auto tuning.
  • Motorized valve control.
Even more functions which extend the possibilities of temperature controller
Standard functions
  • SV and PID selection
  • Soft start
  • Simple power-monitoring
  • Operating days alarm
Optional Functions
  • Re-transmission output
  • Remote SV input
  • Heater burnout alarm
  • Alarm output
  • Digital input
  • RS-485 Communication

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PXE Temperature Controller

  • Super slim type. Renewal front design (Depth of front display is 1.6mm. world's thinnest one)
  • Short depth dimensions! 62mm
  • Programmable setting for type of temperature input/measuring range as standard!
  • Changeable setting for resistance-bulb (Pt100) , thermocouple (9 types) and measuring range with front key
  • Flexible about any controlled objects!
    • 1. ON/OFF control , PID control and Fuzzy control (auto-tuning)
    • Relay contact output or SSR/SSC drive output (specified by code of symbol).
  • Alarm output 1point or up to 2 points are provided (2points is optional).
  • Front water proof structure (IP66).

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PXR Temperature Controller

"PXR" is available in 5 sizes:24*48,48*48,48*96,72*72 & 96*96mm.Universal inputs(thermocouple,resistance bulb,voltage or current).3 Control modes are abvailable:ON/OFF,PID auto-tuning with fuzzy logic,and heating/cooling(2 control outputs)."PXG" Controller is available in 3 sizes:48*48,48*96 and 96*96mm with relay,transistor,SSR,voltage or current type.4 control models are available:ON/OFF,PID auto-tunning with fuzzy logic,heating/cooling(2 control outputs)and motorized value control(with or without position feedback).Auto/Manual command of control loop is available on the front panel.The "PXG" can have a lot of options: one 32 segement set-point generator.one extended alarm function,1 to 3 cofigurable logic inputs,one tranmitter power supply,one external set point input,one re-transmission output for measurment value/set point/output,one RS485 MODBUS.

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Multi-Loop Module  type temperature controller.capable of responding to device downsizing and of optimum multi-zone control with flexible system configuration.

Heat/Cool Dual PID. Self.tune-Pattern control.Fuzzy Logic-Anti overshoot. PID-Lead/Lag factors. PID-2 for furnace batch control.2&3 Position Control.Ratio/Cascade/Feed-forward control.Auto/Manual/Remote/Standby.

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