Our brand name "Pro-face" was coined from a combination of professional and interface.we provide a highly user friendly interface for professionals who work in the industrial automation environament, where operational requirements are stringent.We developed the Pro-face brand of graphic operator interfaces in order to become the "face" of a field noted for its devoted professionals.

Smart Portal 

Smart Portal

The Smart Portal is a new interface which securely connects different networks between an office and a production site and helps utilization of both the big data. The display module has 2 kinds in the size of 15'' to 7'' , 'Premium' and  'Advanced'. The box module has 2 kinds, 'Open' that runs Windows applications and 'Power ' that achieves high-speed processing. An appropriate combination of the display and the box can be selected according to use.

Size:   15", 12" , 10" , 7"
Display: TFT 16 million colors
Interface:Serial/Wireless LAN/Ethernet/USB (Type A )/USB(mini B )

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