In this era of globalization and vast technological change, Omron is reaffirming its dedication to offering added value to customers by developing innovative products and services. Omron intelligent components will be the building blocks for new consumer and industrial products. Control products, systems technologies and software will form the heart of flexible, networked manufacturing lines and automation systems.

Servo Motors and Servo drives

Servo Motors and Servo Drives are meant for replacing stepper motors to high-speed, high-precision control. Models with MECHATROLINK II communications are also provided.

OMNUC G Series


Support for a Wide Range of Applications with Position Control, Speed Control and Torque Control. The G-Series AC Servo Motors and Servo Drivers have achieved high-speed response capabilities exceeding OMRON's W-series models, with a high-response frequency of 1 kHz (compared to 400 Hz for the Series) Suppressing Vibration of Low-rigidity Mechanisms during Acceleration / Deceleration High-speed Positioning via Resonance Suppression Control High-speed Positioning via Resonance Suppression Control More than 65,000 display colors Stores up to 120 MBs of screen data Portrait or landscape display mode Connection to Omron and non-Omron devices Serial, USB or Ethernet connectivity Pict-Bridge printer connection.

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OMNUC G5 Series

Industry's fastest Servo System! High-speed Communication via EtherCAT communications. Real-time auto tuning and advanced vibration control. High-accuracy positioning with fully-closed control. Servo Drives for 400VAC widens applicable systems and environment,including large-scale equipment and overseas facilities. Safe design and Safe Torque off(STO) function. Vibration can be suppressed in acceleration / decleration even in low-rigidity mechanical systems.

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G5 Lite Series
  • Economical design, based on G5 series.
  • Position and set-speed control modes switchable.
  • Stable operation by adaptive and damping filters.
  • Real-time auto-tuning reduce manual settings.
  • Capacity - 240V single phase: 50W to 1.5kW.
  • Control i/p – Pulse train (2M pps)
  • Servomotors – IP65; 3000 rpm .
  • Encoder feedback – incremental:1,048,576 pulses/rev, (20-bit).

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