Our brand name "Pro-face" was coined from a combination of professional and interface.we provide a highly user friendly interface for professionals who work in the industrial automation environament, where operational requirements are stringent.We developed the Pro-face brand of graphic operator interfaces in order to become the "face" of a field noted for its devoted professionals.

Industrial Personal Computer


Powerful Solution

IPC Top Class Performance

PS5000 Series is the highest performance industrial PC, offering high connectivity, reliability, and design. Our built-to-order lineup allows customers to choose the product that best suits their purposes.
There are four functional categories for PS5000 series features:
  • Almighty.
  • Connectivity.
  • Reliability.
  • Design Quality.

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PS4000 Series

The Built-to-Order system you to select your desired IPC in accordance with your application.Supporting a high speed CPU and a high speed bus(PCI Express adopted),PS4000 Series can be used for sophisticated equipment."PS4000 Series are compatible with not only Windows7 but also windows XP.the large heat sink and intelligence fan control extend service life of the parts.
Size:  19"/15"/12"/Built-in
Display:   TFT 16 million colors
Interface:  Serial/Ethernet/USB(Type A)/DVI-I/PC

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PE4000B Series

Compared to our IPC PS4000,The volume is reduced by about 60% and the weight is lost by 38%.PE4000B Series are compact,but connects to various devices and collects data.
Size :  Built-in
Interface  :  Serial/Ethernet/RGB/HDMI/DIO/USB(Type A)

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