Our brand name "Pro-face" was coined from a combination of professional and interface.we provide a highly user friendly interface for professionals who work in the industrial automation environament, where operational requirements are stringent.We developed the Pro-face brand of graphic operator interfaces in order to become the "face" of a field noted for its devoted professionals.


LT4000M Series

The LT4000M (module) features the same 22mm mounting as our GP4000M, but also provides built in Digital and Analog I/O. The  unique modular style allows the display and rear module to be mounted directly (to each other) or separately (connected by a 3m or 5m cable).Separate mounting allows the rear module to be mounted to a DIN  rail, simplifying I/O wiring.

Size: 5.7"/3.5"
Display: TFT 65,536 colors
Interface:Serial/Ethernet/DIO/AIO/USB (Type A )/USB(mini B )

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LT3000 Series


Enterprise Wide HMI Solutions

The LT3000 operator interface family combines PLC functionality integrated with an HMI to create a cost effective, high value machine interface solution.

Reduce Machine costs while Increasing performance

  • Reduce component count
  • Eliminate PLC/custom controls
  • Cut remote maintenance costs
  • Eliminate multiple software packages and support


  • Pulse Output for motion control.
  • High Speed Counter.
  • Built in I/O ideal for sensors, switches, lamps, stack lights, or valves.
  • CANOpen Master Option.


  • Flex Network Modules
  • CANOpen Modules
  • EXM I/O Modules
  • Full list of LT3000 Series Options

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