Autonics always tries to achieve Customer Satisfaction with highly qualified, wide ranged products & reliable services through constant R&D efforts and quality management process.Also, Autonics concern the environment friendly management and do the best to meet the international needs in order to become a global IA partner all over the world.

Multi Function Counters / Timers


  • Prescale Function.Programmable Count Speed to 10Kcps.
  • Batch counter function for CT6M.
  • Selectable PNP\NPN volts Input.
  • Size 48*48 and 72*72mm.
  • Single Preset and double Preset function.

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Stepper Motors & Stepper Motor Drives

Stepper Motors

  • Used for Precision control application.
  • Various available types such as Shaft type,Hallow type.
  • with Brake built in type.
  • Frame size such as 24mm,42mm,60mm and 85mm.
  • Rated torque 1kgf-cm to 200kgf-cm.

Stepper Motor Drives

  • Resolution: Micro step/Normal step.
  • 0.72 to 0.0028deg/phase.
  • Basic step angle: 0.72degree/Phase.

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Digital Panel Meters
  • Monitoring Function for max and min display value.
  • Volts,current and RPM indicator.
  • High \ Low Scale function.
  • Max display Range: 1999 to 9999.
  • Measuring input: DC Volts\Ampere\ AC Volts.

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Rotary Encoders
  • Suitable for Angle,Position,Revolution,Speed,
  • Acceleration,distance detection.
  • Small inertia moment.
  • Wide range of power source such as 5vdc,12-24vdc.
  • Resolution of 50 to 8000ppr.
  • Available types Shaft type, Hollow and Wheel type.

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Power Controllers
  • Various and simple input Specification 4-20mA,1-5vdc.
  • Output Functions:Adjustable, Soft Start.
  • Various control types by mode switch: Phase Control and Cycle control.
  • Max rated current of 35amps.
  • Rated power supply 220VAC for resistive load only.

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Thyristor Units - DPU Series

DPU Series are thyristor power controllers with fast, accurate, and precise control. The units feature accurate feedback control through RMS measurement and phase control and zero-cross cycle control are available. Remote monitoring and control are possible via RS485 communication for further user convenience.

  • High-speed, high-accuracy digital power control with high-speed CPU.
  • Accurate feedback control (constant current, constant voltage, constant power) through RMS measurement.
  • Phase control for various load control and zero-cross cycle control (fixed, variable cycles).
  • Built-in rapid fuse for internal circuit protection.
  • Remote monitoring and control: Modbus RTU protocol via RS485 communication.
  • Contains 6 customizable digital inputs.
  • Various alarm outputs including current error or heater disconnection (partial disconnection detection).
  • Supports various control input signals (current, voltage, potentiometer).
  • Possible to install control unit independently.
  • Applicable loads: super kanthal, platinum, molybdenum, carbon, halogen lamp, chrome, nickel, etc.

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