InnoVista Sensors™ : your trusted partner of choice to face industrial challenges of today and tomorrow.InnoVista Sensors™ is a worldwide industrial specialist of sensors, controllers and actuators for automated systems.Through its brands, Crouzet Aerospace, Crouzet Automation, Crouzet Control, Crouzet Motors, Crouzet Switches and Systron Donner Inertial, InnoVista Sensors™ offers a wide range of reliable, efficient and customizable components dedicated to the Aerospace & Defence, Transportation and Industrial market and segments.Thanks to the recognized expertise of its teams and a strong innovation policy, InnoVista Sensors™ brings performance enhancing solutions to its customers worldwide. 

1. Logic Controller
a) Millenium 3-Logic Controllers

  • The Millenium-3, is the latest generation of micro-PLC's.
  • It is easy to program, offers communication capabilities (via modem or network, with web supervision option) and has a wide range of accessories (display units, touch panels, sensors, power supplies).

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b) Em4 nano PLC

Em4 is more than just a nano-PLC: it is a leading edge device supported by best-in-class tools that enables you to create and implement the smartest automation applications.

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2. DC Brushless Geared Motors

  • Crouzet make make are ideal for movement and positioning application.
  • High efficiency and starting troque with built-in Gear box, 12 PPR Encoder and Integrated control circuits.
  • Adjustable four quadrant variable speed control.
  • Available ratings are 30, 80, 150 and 205 Watts.
  • Available in planetary and right angled gear box.

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3. Control Relays

  • Control relays are dedicated to monitoring and detecting abnormal electrical (voltage, current, phase, frequency) or physical (level, temperature, speed, etc.) operating values.

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4. Timers

Crouzet Control Chronos 2 DIN Rail Mounting Timers can output to relays or solid states. These timers can be multi-function or mono-function. They are multi-range, multi-voltage and come with screw or spring terminals. The relay version has a built in LED status indicator. Options include connecting an external power supply to the control input and a 3-wire sensor control.


  • Relay or solid state output.
  • Multi-function or mono-function.
  • Multi-range.
  • Multi-voltage.
  • Screw or spring terminals.
  • LED status indicator (relay version).
  • Option of connecting an external power supply to the control input.
  • 3-wire sensor control option.

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