Sensata is one of the world’s leading suppliers of sensing, electrical protection, control and power management solutions in a host of markets and applications ranging from automotive and appliance to aircraft, air conditioning and telecommunications.

1. BEI Ideacod - Encoders

  • Robustness and excellent resistance to shocks / vibrations.Unbreakable Polyfass disc (Mylar-Mica composite).
  • Flanges and shaft adapted to the market needs. Protection against short circuit of the electronics.
  • Encoders convert any position, movement, speed or acceleration into digital information.

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2. NEWALL Linear Encoders

  • Newall's world renowned range of DROs are specifically designed and dedicated to increasing machine productivity Withstands dust, swarf, oil and other harsh environmental conditions.
  • Requires no cleaning or maintenance.
  • High tolerance to shock and vibration High reliability.
  • IP67 rating (NEMA6)

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3. Linear Potentiometer

  • Linear potentiometers offer capabilities of over 1 meter of travel and 1 million meters of operational life at temperatures up to 300ºC. These linear position sensor devices can be incorporated into hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders, installed on circuit boards, or simply mounted to mechanical assemblies.

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4. Linear Voice Coil Actuators

BEI Kimco Voice Coil Actuators are ideally suited for such demanding applications as semiconductor equipment,defense systems and life-sustaining medical systems; Our voice coil actuators are direct drive, hysteresis-free, cog-free devices offering high-acceleration and “clean” technology. They deliver infinite position sensitivity, limited only by resolution of the feedback device. These units exhibit perfectly smooth force-versus stroke characteristics. New packaging and miniaturization capabilities offer the designer added flexibility without compromise. Units can be packaged for integrated assemblies including encoder, motor, switch or other functions to streamline operations and cost.

Types of Linear Voice Coil Actuators are

  • Cylindrical Frameless Linear Voice Coil Actuators.
  • Cylindrical Semi-housed Linear Voice Coil Actuators.
  • Cylindrical Housed Linear Voice Coil Actuators.
  • Cylindrical Housed Linear Voice Coil Actuators with an Integrated sensor.
  • Rectangular Linear Voice Coil Actuators.

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5. Crydom Solid State Relays

  • Crydom and Crouzet are the global experts in Solid State Technology.
  • World's first company to offer SSR of rating 100KA SCR. Offered Products like I / O, PCB Mount Relay, Ranges 0.1 to 40 A 100V DC/230V AC. Panel Mount Relay.
  • Ranges from 0.1 to 150 A ,230/600 VAC/DC and 1,600 PIV.
  • Din Rail Mountable Relay 10A/65A AC.
  • Offers solution for customers specific Application.

Typical Applications for Solid State Relays--
All motors need some form of switching for control. SSRs offer a high reliability alternative to electro-mechanical contactors.

  • Switching solenoids
  • Controlling Heaters
  • HVAC&R
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • High Reliability

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6. Kavlico – Pressure sensors

Kavlico Pressure Sensors pioneered the electronic pressure sensor and transducer market. Focused on premium quality products, and adapting innovative pressure sensing technologies to meet customer needs, Kavlico Pressure continues to be a leader in creating pressure sensing solutions for a cleaner, safer, more comfortable world.
Kavlico Pressure Sensors designs, develops, and manufactures innovative Sensors and Transducers for the Transportation, Industrial OEM, Building Equipment, Commercial OEM, Energy & Infrastructure, Food & Beverages, Medical as well as Aerospace & Defense markets.

Kavlico Pressure Sensors is doing four innovative sensing technologies: Thin Film, Ceramic Capacitive, Piezo-Resistive and Silicon Capacitive. The pressure range applications can be from .005 Bar to 3000 Bar.

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