PSS Series

  • The PSS series analog pressure sensors feature rectangular design with compact sizes (W 11.8 mm x H 29.3 mm x L 24.8 mm, including pressure port).

  • The pressure sensors are available in analog voltage and analog current models and can be connected directly to HMIs, PCs, and PLCs from various brands.

  • With a wide rated pressure range, the PSS series sensors can be applied in various pressure related applications.

  • Rated pressure: negative pressure (0 kPa to -101.3 kPa), positive pressure (0 kPa to 100.0 kPa / 0 kPa to 1,000 kPa), compound pressure (-101.3 kPa to 100 kPa)

  • Compact design: [Standard model (R1/8 port)] W 11.8 mm x H 29.3 mm x L 24.8 mm, (including pressure port), [Optional Model (reducer port)] W 11.8 mm x H 31.3 ~ 32.8 mm x L 24.8 mm (including pressure port)

  • Output: analog voltage (1-5 VDC) / analog current (DC 4-20 mA)

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