TM Series

  • The TM series modular type PID temperature controllers are capable of controlling up to 4 channels (TM4) or 2 channels (TM2) simultaneously.

  • Using the expansion connectors, the TM series can be easily expanded to control up to 124/62 channels (TM4/TM2) without additional wiring for power or communication.

  • The temperature controllers feature high-speed sampling cycles (TM4: 100 ms / TM2: 50 ms), RS485 communication support, and simultaneous heating and cooling control.

  • Parameter configuration and status monitoring via PC is easy with the included DAQMaster software.

  • Multi-channel (4-channel: TM4 / 2-channel: TM2) input and output control High-speed sampling cycle (4-channel: 100 ms / 2-channel: 50 ms) Module connection and expansion with expansion connectors

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