• For communication with transmitters

  • This instrument is a handy type communicator with built in battery, being designed to perform facilitated commu nication with operater through use of "smart" type FCX series transmitter.

  • Simple operation Adoption of large LCD display (16 digits × 4 lines) as well as menu assisted software design provides easy-to use communication interface.

  • Application to every type of device The communicator can be used with any "smart" type of FCX transmitter, FCX-A/C transmitter, FCX-AX transmit ter and FCX-AII/CII, AIII transmitte

  • On-line operation The communicator can be operated without interrupting 4 to 20mA DC signal.

  • Full variety of protective functions The communicator incorporates transmitter diagnostic

  • function, data-write protection key, battery voltage drop alarm function, automatic power standby function, etc.

  • Optional printer Set data can be printed on an optional printer

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