• Ultra-high-speed 1 ms controller Program scan time of 1ms is implemented by increased instruction processing speed.

  • Real number operation and high-precision positioning control have been put to practical use by dramatically improved floating-point operation speed1024 points of I/O is refreshed in 1 ms.

  • Tact control assures a fixed I/O refresh interval. The I/O refresh cycle can be set to 1 ms, 2 ms, or up to 10 ms, which is suitable for processing requiring strict tact time

  • The minimum tact times of SPH3000MM, SPH300, and SPH2000/SPH3000 can be set at 0.25 ms, 0.5 ms, and 1 ms, respectively.

  • Conforms to IEC 61131 international standard Both the hardware and software conform to the IEC 61131 international standard for programmable controllers.

  • The programming language conforms to the IEC 61131-3 international standard. Conforming to international standard Conforms to the CE marking, UL standards and RoHS directive (conforming one after another) as well as IEC standard.

  • It also complies with the NK marine standard (Japan) and the LR (specifications of Lloyd's Register of Shipping, UK).

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