• Easy recognition of judgement results using color display that can be switched between red and green. *

  • Equipped with a position meter that represents measured amounts and relative positions.

  • Develop a variety of measurement and discrimination applications using external event inputs. Series expanded to include DeviceNet models.

  • Short body with depth of only 95 mm (from behind the front panel), or 97 mm for DeviceNet models.

  • UL certification approval (Certification Mark License).

  • CE Marking conformance by third party assessment body.

  • Water-resistant enclosure conforms to NEMA 4X (equivalent to IP66)

  • Visual confirmation of judgement results is not supported on models that do not have an output or models that do not support DeviceNet.

  • You can change the display color by setting it, but you cannot switch it based on the judgement results.

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