BLUE Open Studio

  • Flexible Software Pro-face BLUE Open Studio is a development and runtime software that incorporates all of the tools users need to create SCADA HMI applications, dashboards and OEE interfaces.

  • Enhanced cybersecurity against basic intentional attacks User-friendly protocols allowing you to connect your devices with ease via multiple interfaces and connect OT to IT with OPC-UA server.

  • Use a converter to change the value of a variable from the defined unit, range, scale, and expression without programming Remote Visualization on PC or Tablet / SmartPhone with Web Viewer.

  • Pro-face Connect" is a ready-to-use solution for Remote Access Over Internet on ST6000 Series without programming or configuring each device.

  • Start using the cloud based "Pro-face Connect" Smart Industry solution on your existing network without involving your IT department.

  • No network or firewall configurations are required and still the highest level of security and encryption is in place from end to end, from any PC, tablet and smartphone to your machinery.

  • Need admin rights to download project to HMI target Auto user log out after predefined idle time Doing security checking during booting Secure Ethernet download supported by IPSec and password protected project file

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