Industrial PCs

  • Pro-face Industrial Personal Computers are highly durable. They have the environmental toughness required on the production site, and are structured to protect data

  • Out build-to-order system allows you to select exactly the product you need for your application. The new Pro-face IPC is now available!

  • New PS6000 Series from the HMI leader: Robust as a terminal, Open and High-performant as a PC, even more economical.

  • Improve your productivity with the most reliable PC-based architecture experience

  • PS5000 Series is the highest performance industrial PC, offering flexible connectivity to a range of devices and design PS4000 Series has high-speed CPU and PCI Express mounted and can be used for high performance equipment. Its large-size heat sink and intelligent fan control reduce load on the components for a long service life. A fan-less model with lower operating noise and heat is also available.

  • PE4000B Series is highly compact with about 60% reduction in volume ratio and 38% in weight ratio comparing with PS4000

  • The PE4000B Series industrial PC's wide connectivity allows data collection from a range of devices.

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