BF5 Series

  • The BF5 series fiber optic amplifiers are available in single and dual display models. The units feature 5 different response speed settings, for flexible and reliable detection of fast moving targets or small objects.

  • With integrated mutual interference prevention, reliable detection is possible with multiple units (up to 8 units) with connection using side connectors. Other features include saturation prevention function, inverted display, and simple sensitivity adjustment settings.

  • Red, green, and blue LED light source models are available for diverse applications.

  • Dual digital display for displaying current value and set value (BF5□-D) 5 response speeds : Ultra-fast mode (50 ㎲), fast mode (150 ㎲), standard mode (500 ㎲), long-distance mode (4 ms), ultra-long-distance mode (10 ms) Mutual interference prevention allows adjacent installation (up to 8 units) with side connectors

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