UPS6000D 3

  • High-level performance by means of high-speed switching, On-line type UPS,Three-phase, three-wire, 400 to 1,000 kVA

  • High-level performance by means of high-speed switching The UPS 6000D-3 series makes use of new fifth-generation IGBTs that have lower loss and improved high-frequency switching characteristics compared with conventional IGBTs *1, which enables higher reliability and higher performance. *1 Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor

  • High reliability thanks to independent control and monitoring units The control unit and monitoring unit are independent, and the monitoring unit uses redundant software and hardware for high reliability.

  • IGBT power modules for high reliability High reliability is achieved by the use of an integrated configuration of IGBTs, fuses, and drive circuits, and large current panels for the wiring. In addition, the modules use a plug-in tray structure and maintenance is possible from the front side.

  • Full digitalization by means of the latest control processors Full digitalization using high-performance processors has greatly reduced the number of parts and achieved high reliability.

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