UPS7700 F

  • Optimal performance for computer loads ,On-line type UPS,Three-phase, four-wire, 100 to 600 kVA Features

  • Full IGBT type UPS PWM*1 rectifier-High input power factor: 0.99 or higher (almost 1.0) Low input harmonic content: 4% or less (needs no external filter) Power walk-in function provided as standard (soft shift of load to emergency generator) * Pulse Width Modulation

  • High-frequency PWM inverter-Performance optimum for computer load. Under rectifier load, the waveform distortion is small (below 5%), and the transient voltage variation is also small.

  • Efficiency of 94% or more-Latest IGBTs Latest circuit design Energy saving (Lower running cost)

  • High performance-Uninterruptible on-line type (double conversion) UPS Wide range of input voltage: 380, 400, 415V ±15% Overload capacity: 125% for 10min, 150% for 1min

  • High reliability-Fewer parts thanks to latest devices Screening test, burn-in test, high quality control High quality backed by strong track record

  • High quality backed by strong track record-The standard rectifier can charge a long-life battery.

  • Can be used for many types of system (fault tolerance)-Synchronized and uninterrupted switching with bypass Standby redundancy system,Parallel redundancy system,Battery monitoring (automatic deterioration diagnosis, replacement advance notice indication) Guidance function

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