UPS6000D 1

  • Configuration of up to 8 parallel systems possible,Online UPS system ,Single-phase, 20 to 75 kVA

  • Network system support We have developed a Web/SNMP card for UPS systems that is compatible with JEMA-MIB. Monitoring of UPS status information is possible over an in-house LAN using browser software, and can also be used for remote maintenance. (The Web/SNMP card is optional.)

  • Harmonic current suppression The input current is controlled to be a sinusoidal wave and the harmonic current is suppressed. For this reason, there is no influence by harmonics on in-house power generators of the input system and phase advance capacitors.

  • High power factor Controlling the input current to be in phase with the voltage nearly eliminates the reactive power and makes the input power factor to be approximately 1, and this enables the input capacity to be reduced.

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