UPS8000D 3

  • Capable of drastically reducing running costs Line interactive UPS

  • Three-phase, three-wire, 100 to 600 kVA Maximum device efficiency: 98% Pursuit of full efficiency and adoption of a new uninterruptible dual processing circuit method Drastic reduction in running costs

  • Annual electricity cost comparison (conserving electricity charge losses!) The difference in UPS losses amounts to a difference in electricity costs, and this will be around 2.38 million yen per year for 200 kW facilities. Also, since the size of the air conditioning equipment installed in the UPS room is decided in proportion to the UPS losses, the difference in electricity costs will be even larger (about 30% of the above figure).

  • High reliability Dramatically improved reliability by means of parallel redundant operation Extensive high-quality UPS production track record

  • High-level performance Instantaneous disconnection, constant voltage Culmination of our power electronics technology Advanced UPS control technology Expert AC switch control technology

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