UPS6000DX T3

  • Supporting the high-level requirements of ICT equipment On-line type UPS

  • Three-phase, three-wire, 100 to 300 Kva Support for high power factor loads (kVA = kW) With the widespread use of power factor correction (PFC) circuits, power can be supplied effectively to load equipment with high power factors (1.0).

  • High output power density (kW/m2) The industry's highest output power [kW] per installation area has been achieved by increasing the output power [kW] in the same installation space required by conventional units. (300 kVA unit)

  • Redundant cooling fans By means of an efficient arrangement of multiple small cooling fans, power supplied by the UPS can be continued even if one cooling fan stops. This function improves the availability of the system. (When operating in the recommended operating environment.)

  • Support for various types of systems This UPS is adaptable to the configuration of high-reliability systems (parallel redundant operation mode, common stand-by operation, etc.), and by applying our own fully independent parallel redundant operation method, which does not have a common control section, parallel redundant operation systems can be constructed. Up to 8 units can be operated in parallel, and large-scale system configurations are supported. In addition, this UPS can be applied to various types of systems such as collective busbar, multiple busbar, common battery and others.

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