UPS7100MX T3

  • About a 40% reduction in device mass compared to previous models,On-line type UPS,Three-phase, 30 to 100kVA Utilization of device technologies reduces equipment mass Utilization of 3-level modules with RB-IGBTs*1 and conventional IGBTs in one package to simplify the circuit configuration as well as miniaturization of filters have reduced the mass of the equipment by about 40% compared with our conventional models.

  • Simple human-machine interface An LCD touch panel with character display enables the operation status of the equipment to be checked at a glance and operation guidance, event history and various measurements to be displayed.

  • Wide range of input and output voltages The rated input and output voltage can be set within a range of 200 to 220 V. This wide range has been achieved by an addition of 220 V to the conventional rated input and output voltages of 200 V and 210 V.

  • In addition, the input voltage tolerance range is −30% to +10% of the rated voltage and the output voltage is kept constant without requiring battery operation even in power transmission environments that experience large voltage fluctuations. (Note that this performance is dependent upon the load conditions.)

  • Enhanced network system functions (option) The installation of an optional Web/SNMP card makes it possible to monitor the status of the equipment using a web browser, receive event notifications by e-mail, perform remote maintenance, shut down multiple servers, and monitor the status using SNMP manager software (JEMA-MIB compatible).

  • Built-in maintenance bypass circuit (option) A maintenance bypass circuit built into the UPS is available as an option. This built-in maintenance bypass circuit enables higher maintainability with only the UPS equipment.

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