3G3RX V1

  • Drive Programming enables you to make your own programs to suit your machine, e.g. for an unwinding application. Up to 1000 lines of code and 5 tasks running in parallel in 2 programming modes

  • Simple positioning is handled by the inverter itself without the need for an external motion controller. Functions include pulse trace position control mode, homing and position teaching Standard industrial networks, such as EtherCAT, CompoNet or DeviceNet as options. High-speed EtherCAT provides solutions for the entire system from input to output with Sysmac Series. Built-in RS-485 Modbus communications.

  • n addition to V/f control, the following control methods are included. This enables a 200% starting torque at 0.3 Hz. -Sensorless vector control -Sensorless vector control in 0-Hz domain -Vector control with a PG

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